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When planning a wedding or any event, it is important to know WHO is making your vision come to life. Sure, you look at someone and think “I love their style”. “Look how their mannerism is so on point”, or even “I know a friend of a friend who said that you were the best wedding planner ever, you literally saved their life”.

Flattering as those comments may be, you should still get to know your planners! You want to make sure they are a good fit just like you & your significant other. Planners want to make whatever event you are creating a dream. Sometimes that means diving a little deeper to know who is actually behind the scenes!

Our Team

Meet Haleigh. Lead Coordinator & Social Media Manager

Haleigh is the oldest of four in her family. When not helping with wedding planning, Haleigh loves to travel and explore new places. Netflix or hanging out with friends at their favorite fun spots, like a good coffee shop or local brewery. Haleigh wants a Bernese mountain dog someday. She also has a Pez dispenser collection. I bet if you ask which one is her favorite, she won’t be able to pick just one.

Haleigh is most excited for weddings this upcoming year! Both working them and attending them. She would love to travel more, which is maybe why she is excited to move to a different part of Columbus. Haleigh is ready to create better habits for her health, like clean eating & working out more consistently.

Meet Autumn. Lead Planner

Autumn is our born and raised Michigan colleague. When Autumn is not helping with wedding planning, you can find her baking or painting. Both activities are relaxing and put her in a calm place. She also considers drinking champagne and watching crime shows relaxing. Autumn LOVES fashion and design. Some of her favorite designers are Coco Chanel, Gucci, Joanna Gaines and anything from Pottery Barn.

The thing that Autumn is extremely excited about is the journey with Events Held Dear. Event planning is a huge passion of hers. She would like to spend more time with her kids and husband, and hopefully add to their family at the end of the year (maybe dog, maybe baby, maybe both). Lastly, Autumn can’t wait for weddings! Her cousin is getting married in May and her brother-in-law is tying the knot in October.

Meet Anna. Event Director & Operations Manager

Married in 2021, Anna is loving every bit of married life. Anna and her husband Matt have a pet fish that they got on a whim, and they are a little attached now. Anna loves plants. She has a strong passion for baking. Anna has even started an amateur baking blog! I mean, how cool! One of our favorite things about Anna, she loves fashion but in her own words “prefers sweatpants”. We love a woman who speaks the truth.

The thing that Anna is excited about in 2022 is her first wedding anniversary, or the fact that her husband is graduating! She says, “he’s been in school as long as I’ve known him”. Congratulations to you both! Anna can’t wait for summer, her upcoming trip to Washington, and a girl’s trip with her closest friends.

Bring us On Board!

We are excited to be with you on your wedding journey or whatever journey you want to bring us along for! Therefore, let our team make the most important day of your life one to remember. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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