Halloween Wedding Inspiration

“This is Halloween… This is, wait, a Wedding?”

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Let’s talk Halloween wedding decor! The Nightmare Before Christmas has quickly become a staple in our household the last few weeks. As a result, my three year old is singing, “This is Halloween, This is Halloween!”. Halloween for most is the time of year that reminds us fall has officially arrived. We decorate our homes with carved pumpkins, spider webs, witches, and even signs for “little monsters” to enter if they dare for Trick-Or-Treat. It is rarely a time of year you think of weddings. However, Halloween inspired weddings do not have to include skeletons, goblins, and fright!

Halloween Decor Inspiration

So how can we incorporate Halloween wedding decor? A bride with a dark wine stained lip color, a groom(s) wearing a sleek black suit. Tables lined with burgundy florals, hunter green, creams, and a pumpkin spice orange. And who doesn’t love a spooky black?! We also love hanging greenery, black lace, candles…. candles, candles, and more candles. A sweetheart table with a “til death do us part” neon sign in the background. Or, an elegant black fondant covered three tier cake! And you can’t go wrong with spooky signature cocktails. Below are some of our favorites:

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Where to Begin with Halloween Decor?

Achieving this (or whatever your wedding dreams may be) can be easy, if you know where to start. You need a starting vision. What does your big day look like? Indoors or outdoors? Small and intimate, or a large party for all? Simple and chic, glamorous and edgy, or just romantic and timeless? It is important to decide how you want you and your guests to feel on your big day. Once you have a vision, having the right people in your corner is second most important. That is right, creative teams! Hiring professionals who can help bring your day to life is essential. From wedding planners to the person who will alter that beautiful dress of yours, and everyone in between. We are all here and on your team to make the wedding process fun and effortless.

Make it Spooky!

Halloween, or even “dark and moody” inspired weddings are on the rise because everyone wants that “WOW” factor. While traditional and elegant wedding gear towards brighter colors, don’t put it in a box. From having your DJ dress up as Frankenstein, playing “Thriller” and other spooky songs, or having a candy bar for guest to fill their own trick-or-treat bags, the options are endless. If you got it, Haunt It! Let our creative event planners assist you in getting your vision there. Inquire with us to see if we’re a good fit!

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Cheers! Go get spooky!

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