Our Favorite Gifts for the Groom

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Men can be hard to shop for, especially when your man has told you time and time again that they don’t need anything nor want anything. When it comes to getting them a wedding gift it can easily feel like the pressure is on. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite groom gift ideas.

I. Accessories for the Big Day

One of our favorite and most common groom gifts we see are accessories for the wedding. A new belt, watch, cufflinks, tie clip or a pocket square can be a thoughtful gift that makes sense for the occasion. We love seeing these items personalized. It adds extra meaning and a future reminder that can be worn again of the special vows you two made. A personalization can be something as simple as a monogram, or as extravagant as a phrase or love note. Check out Etsy for some great personalized gifts! 

II. Drinkware

If your man has a knack for drinks consider upgrading his drinkware by getting him some personalized whisky glasses, an engraved decanter or even a personalized flask. Pair these items with a bottle of their favorite beverage. Its an long lasting keepsake that exhibits that you know what they enjoy.

III. An Experience

If your man is more into moments, travel or adventure rather than tangible items we recommend surprising him with an experience. It could be something as simple as booking an activity for the honeymoon, gifting him a future weekend getaway, or tickets to his favorite sporting event or concert. As a perk- it’s something you both get to do together! Some people value time and adventure over everything else and we can totally respect that, actually we really admire it!

IV. A Handwritten Letter

If you still can’t think of a fitting gift, a handwritten letter has been and always will be the most thoughtful gift. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

Don’t fret over your grooms gift. It’s a really small part of the day! Getting him a gift is just a little something to show him that you care and are thinking of him.


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