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Get to know our Lead Planner

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It’s Friday, we’re headed into a slow weekend and we figured it’s time to introduce you some more to one of our lead planners extraordinaire, Anna Jansen! With so many new things going on here at Events Held Dear, we want to connect you with our team, the people who keep us truly going.

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From Anna

Hello, friends! I wanted to take some time to introduce myself quickly over here. There are lots of new faces, a new brand for our company and so many new plans. This just seems to be the perfect time!

I’m Anna! I have been working with Events Held Dear for quote some time now as a Lead Planner and Coordinator. I’m from Columbus and went to school at the Ohio State University and changed my major a billion times, looking for something that was both creative and practical. Finally, I decided wedding planning was that perfect fit and I became hopelessly obsessed with all things weddings. At OSU I ended up creating my own major entitled Entrepreneurship in Event Planning, and all of a sudden I was helping Events Held Dear with some weddings on the weekends! I reached out to Leda back in late 2017 and I’ve been here ever since.

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Why do I Love Weddings?

In general, I love weddings because I love celebrating people. It’s especially fun to celebrate people who are in love, and I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of their story. My absolute favorite thing about weddings is getting to wait with the bride and send her down the aisle after everyone else. It’s such an exciting moment, a private one, too, and there’s so much anticipation in the air.

With weddings in general I also love florals – I mean, who doesn’t? But really, getting to be around this kind of art every month is a real gift. Floral designs are so beautiful, natural and every arrangement and floral combination at each wedding is so different! It’s a fun surprise to see how it all comes together, every time.

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Other Things About Me

Besides my life in the wedding world, I spend a lot of my free time hanging with friends or family. To many peoples surprise, I have five siblings, which is so fun! It definitely kept things energetic in my house. I really enjoy slow mornings, which makes brunch my favorite. It is truly the best meal, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. You can’t beat waffles and crepes! I love browsing farmers markets, or discovering cute little towns. I enjoy a good latte and am always obsessing over french macarons (have them at your wedding please!). Something I dislike? I hate folding laundry more than anything else and I love my comfy clothes – sweaters especially. I’m an Enneagram Type 6, if that means anything to you, too. I love Columbus but also really enjoy traveling, so I’m constantly really torn between the beach and the mountains, but today I’d rather be in the mountains.

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My Heart for Events

I was lucky enough to be raised in a good household with a hard working mother. She was a homemaker and a good one at that. And her home wasn’t just for us – she opened up our home to anyone who needed it. She thrived during the holidays. I can’t remember the last Thanksgiving that was just us. She was always inviting people to come over who had no one to celebrate with. She takes good care of the home, takes good care of us, makes the best food and makes her home a home to anyone. Hospitality is her best gift.

I remember very vividly sitting in my room scrolling through Instagram looking at pretty pictures of events, dinner parties and floral arrangements on beautiful tablescapes and thinking, “I want a career like that, but it’s only for those lucky few”. Suddenly I realized that was possible for me, too. It made sense… events are the perfect mix of organized creativity. I thought about it for no more than two more minutes before calling my mom to tell her my new plan for my life. When I called her, it made sense to her, too. She was the most supportive and still is supportive in all the ways I need her to be. The hospitality industry became something I wanted to be a part of, but weddings specifically made me light up.

Where I am Now

I’m young, still learning, creating and being inspired. I feel eager and excited. I’m nervous and most often feel under qualified, but here I am in the midst of it all. I’ll be stressed and exhausted at times, overwhelmed and overworked, but nonetheless I hope to one day live just outside a big city and dream up beautiful weddings, events, moments, tablescapes, beautiful spaces and make them reality. I hope the events and celebrations I’m a part of always show the hospitality my mother shows. I hope they welcome people and make them feel equally comfortable and special and I hope to bring as much hospitality to this industry as my mom brought to our home.

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I hope this helped you get to know me a bit, but if you want to know more and how I can be a part of your event, let’s grab a coffee (latte, please) and chat!


  1. Andrea Montler says:

    Anna, you are the very best! Your journey is so inspiring and fun to see 🙂

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