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IT’S 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone else super excited that this year is finally here?! It felt like forever that it was coming. It felt so far away at so many times, but now that we’re past it, I can’t believe the holidays have come and gone! 2016 rocked me in every way… but I’m not going to get into that yet. Coming fresh out of 2016, I had goals in mind and things I want to kick butt at right away. I’m ready. Arms are wide open. Eyes are clear. Heart feels full and excited. I know that it’s just another year and that we really can change the way we think or pursue life at any time, but this feels different. I never used to be a person of resolutions. It always felt fake and seemed like everyone was just coming up with something, to come up with something. But at the same time, isn’t it kind of beautiful that we’re all just trying at the same time to better ourselves? As much as the world around us seems really sucky, and as many times as I question “what in the world is that person doing??” it’s kind of fun to know we’re all at the starting line again. For whatever reasons you may have. It’s somewhat exhilarating to know there are so many around us looking for small ways to better themselves, their neighbor, their home, etc.

I had it on my calendar to blog about our 2017 goals, and don’t worry, that’s totally what I’m doing today. But then I remembered that I hadn’t come up with a list! Gah! I mean, I have so many floating around my spastic head, but I never organized. There are also so many that I’m trying to distinguish between personal and business, but I’m also finding as a small business owner, so many of my goals are going to be the both of those intertwined. This business is so much of me, so you’re getting both. I will separate the two for a time here. So, here we go! I’m kind of writing this as I go. An in-the-moment kind of thing. I’m diggin’ it.



1. BE A MORNING PERSON. In all seriousness, I want to work out more! These two kind of tie together for me. I’ve gotten better at waking up early. Back when I was working my office job, I usually woke up at 5am to answer emails and do some work, go on a run, then worked from 8-5:30, then had emails, projects, meetings, etc. the rest of the day. Getting up early was a must! This year, I want to continue getting up early, exercising my body (even if it’s just some stretches!), & taking care of me. I really do love to run when I get in the routine of it!

2. TEXT. I’m terrible at texting. To all of you who have experienced this – I am sorry. I am the queen of oh-look-at-this-new-text-ok-i-read-it-but-now-I’m-going-to-put-my-phone-down-real-fast-while-I-finish-this-one-thing-I’m-already-doing-and-then-I’ll-pick-it-back-up-and-respond-and-oops-would-you-look-at-that-there-I-go-forgetting-again. (Also, are you curious if that ^^ took a lot of time to type? That sucked). I’m going to do better! Call me out on it, guys!

3. BE PRESENT. If you don’t know, I have a million things I am doing. I’m also a creative. I’m also a dreamer. I also like to be spontaneous. I constantly have a million trillion bajillion thoughts floating around my head. Settle. Be intentional. Be present. Be interested. Take care of those around me. I want people to leave hanging out with me feeling renewed and encouraged. I think we all have a lot of love to give.

Photos of my hubby, pup and I, by Nicole Clarey Photography!



1. BLOG. Look at me! I want to share more of my business and heart with you all. I think it’s amazing and fun to be able to have a journal of our years and projects and growth. And it’s personal, which leads to…

2. MORE PERSONAL. Look at me again! I did that above! This year, I want to bring you more of me and my personal life. I want to bring you into the life of Leda and Sam, and who we are not just as business owners, but as people. Share in my joys with me! We want to be good matches for you and your event, professionally and personally. I believe that’s important.

3. CONSISTENT BOOKING. We raised our prices! And we’re happy about it. We’re thrilled, actually. We have a brand we’re sticking to, we see the value in our work and we have goals for the designs we want to see in the weddings we do. We see wedding as a work of art. I hope 2017 can be a year where we have just as much (or more!) weddings as the previous, even with our higher prices. If you’d like to know more on why our prices are what they are, shoot us an email – we’re happy to tell!

4. BE FEARLESS. There are so many emotions when I think of this word and how I intend for it to be a “goal”. But it encapsulates a lot of how I feel about Events Held Dear and this beautiful job we’ve created. I get from a lot of people, “You must be so proud!” “You’re killing it!” “You must love what you’re doing!” — While all this is true, I am loving what I am doing, that doesn’t mean insecurity doesn’t show it’s ugly head. I experience it daily. I compare, compare, compare until I am exhausted and my head becomes fuzzy and then I’m sad and down for the count. Day is DONE. Hopefully, and I’m guessing you’ll say yes, you understand what I’m talking about here. This year, I want to really put myself out there: for weddings, shoots, workshops, FRIENDSHIPS. I want to care about my community more, my vendor friends, my pals who are in this crazy industry with me. Fearless is definitely my word for 2017. Boom.

There really are so many more. So many more personal and business goals (LIKE GETTING PUBLISHED MORE IN MAGAZINES OMG I THINK ABOUT THIS EVERY DAY), but I loooooooove writing lists, and I’m a really hopeful person, so this post could really go on and on if I let it. But, alas, I will not. Reeling it in! Saving my crazy for another time.

Any fun goals you guys have for this year?! I love hearing what other people are shooting for. It not only inspires me, but gives me a look into your heart and also allows me to encourage you in awesome ways!

Let’s make 2017 a good one, guys. Easy or hard, no excuses. Fearless, remember?

  The Jacksons Photography

The Jacksons Photography

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