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This is a really fun tradition that is now three years old! Several years ago, Sam & I started hosting Friendsgiving with our group of friends around Thanksgiving time. We wanted to host something with all of our loved ones, and we had seen people do this before, so we hopped on board. It’s been a ton of fun, and something I’m so glad we started doing. Sam, our husbands and I usually make the turkey (which soon turned into multiple turkeys) and supply the drinks, and everyone else is asked to bring a side dish to share. The first Friendsgiving event started in my husband & I’s apartment when we lived in Dublin, and boy, was it small. We probably only had around 16 guests or so, because that’s all we could fit! We had a long table stretched throughout the length of our apartment, and it took up the whole dang space! I remember my dog Fitz still being so small, and almost being stepped on half the time. Although, let’s be real, if you follow my personal account on Instagram, you know he’s still so small.

The following year, we hosted the event at Seventh Son Brewing Co., and it was fantastic! We were able to invite even more people, and so the group and our hearts grew a significant amount. I highly recommend, if you are looking to throw a smaller sized party to look there!

This past year, since we finally have our own space, we were able to host it at our very own studio, Zurie CoWorking. We decorated with long tables, brought in all of the table decor, which consisted of lots of greenery, live flowers and fruit, and candles all throughout. It was SO fun. The candles lit everything up in a really magical way! We also made a little ‘thankful’ backdrop that people were able to stand in front of and take pictures.

I really love this tradition that we have. This past year, we had 48 people total! It’s so fun having a space of our own that’s so big, because now we can host so many fun events like this one in it. Because we have more room, we’ve been able to invite more people that we love. I’m a big fan of community – I think as we get older, people get more complacent, and we all have a harder time reaching out to one another. I’m totally guilty of this! As soon as the weekend hits, it’s like, who wants to go hang out when you’re already so exhausted from a week of work? I feel old already, and ALL the time. But it’s a blessing to be able to create events like this where we can all come together, build community + relationships, get to know the people around us. It’s important to invest in people. I believe it’s vital to have a support system around you, of people that will look out for you and fight for you. And not just fight for you in a oh-if-someone-comes-at-you-here-I-gooooooo type of thing. People who will look out for you and what’s BEST for you. Not what is suffocating. Life-giving care and encouragement. This event was a good reminder, even now, that community can only be built and maintained if you put in the effort. I hope I can continue to do that for people around me at all times, not just during Friendsgiving season. I want to intentionally care for those around me.

Check out just a few pictures we were able to get from the event! I totally need to get better at asking my photographer friends to come and get pictures of personal events, too 😉 I mean, I have so many! What am I doing with only my phone! Anyways, hope this still gives you a fun peek at our night! 

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