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Man, oh man. This is a good one.

Let’s do a little background first! As lots of you know, Events Held Dear is still a young company, as we’re only about a year and a half old. A lot of our passion to start this business that we love so much, was born out of the fact that Sam & myself both got married in the spring and summer of 2014. Sam was married out at The Old Blue Rooster, and I was married at Jorgensen Farms. Back when Katie was newly engaged, she was thinking about getting married at Jorgensen, and started looking up their website and looking up pictures on the internet. That’s where she came across Leigh Elizabeth Photography‘s pictures of my wedding! Ahhhhh, ok, this is so crazy fun to talk about this strange and awesome series of events. From there she liked the way my wedding was decorated and designed, found my name is Leigh’s blog post, and literally STALKED ME ON THE INTERWEB. Haha, no I’m kidding… but that is kind of what happened! Katie looked up my name on Google, and as many of you can probably guess…. there’s not too many “Leda’s” in Columbus, Ohio 😉 From there, Events Held Dear popped up, and that’s how she found us and our business. Amazing. It’s so fun for me to tell! It was so awesome that that’s how we came to know this awesome girl.

Katie was our first bride who hired us for our full event planning services. We were with her from beginning to end, every week, every phone call, every email, everything. Which is what we LOVE to do. She holds a special place in our hearts, because she was the first bride to trust us with such a large task. We are forever grateful for her. 

Also over this period of time, she became one of our dearest friends. Katie is smart, funny, compassionate, and a beautiful woman, inside and out. Her and Christian did a fair amount of long distance during their relationship, and it was so fun to watch Christian love her well. He also did a pretty good job distracting us during any meetings he came to… Thanks, bud! 🙂

Katie & Christian ended up choosing a venue back home in Pennsylvania, where Katie grew up. They married in May at Irons Mill Farmstead, which is a GORGEOUS barn. The staff there was amazing, and it was definitely a fun weekend getaway for us. It ended up raining so, so, so so much, but Katie and Christian were such troopers, and it definitely didn’t take away from their joy that day.

Chelsie Burkhart Photography was their photographer, so I hope you enjoy the details she captured!

So darling. I mean… could you get a prettier bridal party?

Katie was most definitely the most boho-romantic-chic bride to ever exist! Everything was perfect. We did mossy details on the tables with tall candlesticks that gave the dinner a romantic, intimate feel.

Congrats, you two. Thank you for letting be a part of your day. It was just as much of a blessing to us as it was for you.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Chelsie Burkhart Photography

RECEPTION VENUE: Iron Mills Farmstead


CATERING: Medure’s Catering

DJ: On the Mic Entertainment

FLORALS: Cottage Garden Designs


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